Infinity Mirror

Just a quick post to record a project that I’ve been wanting to make for a while but have only just got round to – an infinity mirror.

It is quite an easy thing to make because it just uses a few bought components.  The shopping list is:

  • An Ikea Ribba frame
  • One-way mirror tint film (I got mine from Ebay)
  • A square mirror tile (this was difficult to get the right size but I found mine on MirrorWorld)
  • An LED strip light (got this on Amazon)

Then just put it all together:

First I applied the mirror tint film to the piece of glass that came with the frame.  This is quite tricky to do and my film has a couple of bubbles in it but when the lights are on you can’t really tell.  If you wanted to spend even more money then you could buy a piece of one way mirror glass to replace the glass that came in the frame.

Then I had to make a hole through the frame to insert the LED strip light.  I just drilled a few holes side by side and then used a sharp craft knife to connect them together.  You can’t really see in the pictures but the lights have a controller unit that stays on the outside of the frame.  Once the LEDS are inserted they can be cut to length and then stuck around the frame using the self-adhesive backing.   You must cut them in the correct place – there are dashed lines on the strip where you are allowed to cut.

Finally, I just put it all back together including the mirror tile that I had bought at the back of the frame.  The LED lights are USB powered so it can be plugged into a computer or any modern phone charger plug that has a separate cable.  You can’t tell in the photographs but the lights have many different modes that flash at different speeds and change through a ridiculous number of colours.

The only problem I had was that the top row of lights kept coming unstuck and falling down but I fixed that with a bit of superglue on the back.  It is now on my desk, connected to my computer so that whenever the computer is on the light comes on.


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