Me Made May 2017

Yay, it’s that time of year again!
‘I, Corrine of (@corrineapplebymakes), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear a minimum of one me-made or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May 2017,and for one day a week to wear an outfit consisting of a minimum of two home made garments’.

This is my third year of Me Made May and now I think that it will be quite straightforward to wear something Me Made every day. It’s the outfit bit I’m going to struggle with as most of my hand made bits and bobs don’t actually go with each other! Off to a good start though for this week…

On Monday 1st I kept things simple with a Walkley top. I made this last May and you can read about it here.

Next up is a very early make. This is the wrap top from the book Simple Modern Sewing. A book I keep meaning to go back to. You can read about this top here.

On Wednesday I jumped to a fresh make. I wore my Simple Sew Anneka tunic out in the wild for the first time. I’ve blogged about it here.

On Wednesday I wore my Archer Popover top. I made this last June for Indie Pattern Month over at the Monthly Stitch. It’s had a fair bit of wear. I’ve blogged about it here.

Another Simple Sew make for Friday. This is the jersey top but you can’t buy this one – it was a magazine freebie. you can read about it here.

Yesterday I wore my first ‘outfit’. My jeans are the Liana Stretch Jeans by Itch to Stitch. The top is a classic Coco by Tilly and the Buttons. I’ve blogged about the jeans but the post has gone missing (that’s two of my blog posts that have been mysteriously deleted now and I’ve got no idea how I’m doing it. Grrr.) The top is blogged about here.

And finally, for today’s look I wore the jeans again and a different Coco top.

For next week I’m going to try to include more dresses. I don’t tend to reach for these much so my dresses don’t get that much wear unless I have an occasion to wear them! See you then 🙂


3 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017

    • Well remembered! I’ve bought some ‘proper’ stretch denim now to make a real pair. Just need a few more hours in the day!

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