Me Made May 2017 Week 3

Things are starting to get tricky now but I’m just about managing to keep up with Me Made May. On Monday I wore my Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch (read about it here). I love this skirt but it’s definitely more suited to winter than spring. Sorry about the rubbish selfie but that’s what Me Made May is all about isn’t it?


Tuesday it was my Victoria Blazer from By Hand London (you can read that post here). You can see my little photographer in the mirror! He’s not a very good one – that’s why this photo is all fuzzy. Again, getting your kids to take the photos is totally in the spirit of the challenge.


On Wednesday I wore my Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress (read about it here).


On Thursday I wore my Palazzo trousers (can’t bring myself to use the term pants) as we drove to work that day. Usually I walk to work and I can’t walk in these things. They tend to get absolutely filthy at the bottom. I wrote a tutorial on these for Simple Sew Patterns and it has been my most viewed blog post by some margin.


On Friday I wore my beloved Archer Popover shirt. Being a brushed cotton I was a bit warm though. This is a recent make and I wrote about it here.


Saturday I broke out the Cleo again and this time I paired it with a Walkley top so it counts as an ‘outfit’ day (see my first Me Made May post for my pledge). I didn’t properly blog the top but it gets a mention here.


And today was a slobbing around the house day so I wore my self-drafted leggings (thanks to this tutorial). You can read about them here.


So gaps in my wardrobe are starting to emerge now but I’ve still got a few me-mades to pull out though. See you next week!


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