#KB Pattern Swap

Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to be talking to you about my latest internet challenge. I’ve been following Siân from Kittenish Behaviour on YouTube for some time. I really love her style and wish I was brave enough to wear what she wears! When she said she was going to host an internet challenge my ears pricked up. She came up with the brilliant idea of the #KBPattern Swap. You can hear all about it here:

The premise is you get paired up with another sewist (sewer doesn’t look right!), stalk them for a bit, then choose a pattern that you think would suit them. Along with the pattern you send a few fabric samples that you think would look good in the chosen pattern. As soon as I watched the video, a moment of bravery came along and I commented saying that I would like to join in the fun. Initially the challenge was between vloggers but it was opened up to us mere bloggers too! My name came out of the hat in this video.

I was paired with the lovely Claire from Penguin and Pear. You can read all about what I gave Claire here. It was very exciting to receive a little parcel from her. My collection of goodies are below.

Holly 0

I got the Holly jumpsuit pattern and three fabric swatches from Minerva Crafts. I think Claire is right, all of these fabrics would look great as a jumpsuit but my personal favourite is the orange and blue cotton lawn on the left. It’s this one here. Unfortunately it’s sold out! Typical! I really like the bright colours and I think it would be perfect for my holiday in August. Whilst I look around for something similar I thought I’d better make a toile. I decided to make a wearable toile using a cotton lawn from my stash. I love it when internet challenges collide – the cotton lawn I chose was what I got for Christmas in my #stitchingsanta parcel!

Now, I’m really nervous about the idea of a jumpsuit. I can’t put my finger on why, but I’ve never considered sewing one up before. But that is part of the point of this challenge. You don’t necessarily get what you would get yourself and that’s all part of the fun. I thought, with my up and coming holiday I would make the playsuit version. I don’t think I’ve worn a playsuit since I was about 10 years old so I did have a moment of ‘should I be wearing this at my age?’. But then I remembered that it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone should wear what they please! So I made it! Here it is….

Holly 7

I was actually really impressed with how this pattern came together and how straight forward it was. Despite all those button holes, it was a quick make! To make it easier to get on and off there is an invisible zip in the side. I’ve inserted tonnes of invisible zips now but I’m still smug with myself when I get it invisible with matching seams. Like this…

Holly 8

BOOM! Oh yes, invisible zip perfection right there!

Obviously a holiday make like this needs some proper photos in a holiday resort! Thankfully I live in one of those. My daughter and I took a quick stroll down to the beach to get some proper photos, complete with props (a Solero).

Holly 6

The tide was out so we had to walk a fair way. By this point my Solero was nearly finished!

Holly 5


I desperately need to get a little sunshine on my legs. Hopefully I won’t be reflecting as much sunlight when I wear these on my holiday!

Holly 2

The playsuit is actually very comfortable but there a few fitting issues that I need to iron out for the next one. I made a size 14 with no alterations. Usually I grade out to a bigger size at the waist but I decided to just breathe in with this. My waist isn’t the issue though. I always thought that I had quite wide shoulders but this evidently isn’t the case. The shoulders on this are a bit on the wide side and it sometimes feels like the sleeves are slipping down my arm. I also need to bring the side seams up a little more to bring them closer to my armpits to make it easier to lift my arms. It’s not a biggie though, and a lot of my woven tops are like this anyway. There also seems to be a fair bit of fabric pooling in my mid-back. I only realised this after seeing these photos but it’s the same on all of them. Can a bodice be too short in the side-seams but too long in the centre back seam? Is this similar to a sway back but higher up? Or is it a sway back? If so, what do I do about it? As you can see fitting is not my forte, so if you have any tips on this I would be very grateful if you could share them.

Thank you Claire for getting me this pattern. It has certainly pushed me to try something new and I actually really like the result. I also think the Holly trousers (or even shorts) will get made. I love a wide-legged trouser – so flattering! Even better, my daughter wants me to make her a playsuit for our holiday. I’d better make it in different fabric though!


9 thoughts on “#KB Pattern Swap

  1. It looks fab on you and I love that it’s not something that you’d have picked for yourself but that it came out so brilliantly 😊 Love the fabric you picked. Thank you so much for taking part 😁

  2. I look forward to seeing your final playsuit. Good luck with the challenge and finding the right fabric. Your question about the back – yes, the centre can be too long and the sides OK. I’ve had to take a wedge out of some patterns to fix this – tapering to zero at the side seam. I don’t know if this is a kind of sway back or not. My back is long, very curved (that is deeply hollowed) and my bum is quite big relative to the rest – this makes my back short relative to my very long front.

    • Thanks for answering my question Anne. I will have a play with the pattern and cut a wedge out of it and see where that gets me. 😀

    • Thank you! It was a fun challenge to participate in, and of course I got to know another fellow sewist in the process. I’m just hoping the British summer will be warm enough for me to wear it!

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