The end of #MMMay17

Ooops, I’m a bit late in writing this one! On Monday (22nd – I told you I was late) I wore my Charlotte skirt from By Hand London. I did shorten this one significantly because I couldn’t be bothered to deal with the split at the back! You can read about mine here.


On Tuesday I wore the Simple Sew Keyhole blouse. It was a magazine freebie and at the moment it’s not available to buy. However, they are releasing old magazine patterns and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they release it soon. I’m not actually that keen on mine. The arms are a little too tight to be comfortable (and I’ve ripped one of them anyway) but I do like the fabric. It’s had a decent amount of wear too. You can read about it here.


Wednesday saw me wearing one of my favourite patterns I made last year. I love it because I nailed the fit which doesn’t often happen with me. It’s the Simple Sew Trudy dress and I wrote a tutorial about making it here. That’s probably one of the reasons I like it so much – I had to take extra care as I was writing the tutorial and taking lots of construction photos!


An un-blogged oldie for Thursday. This is the ‘proper’ version of the simple shell top from the Great British Sewing Bee book Fashion With Fabric. I over fitted it and my wearable toile, which I wore earlier in the month, is far more wearable. I just love the Liberty fabric I’ve used so I’ll put up with constantly hoicking the top down.


For the last day of college before half term I wore my Pauline Alice Cami dress. You can read all about my issues with this dress here.


Ok I’ll admit that on the Saturday I failed to wear anything me made. I had intended to wear my newly made playsuit (see my last post) out for a spin but I had to clean and tidy the house first as we had visitors and the cleaning took a lot longer than it should of (not that you can tell now of course!).

Another one of my favourite makes is the Hannah dress by Victory Patterns which I wore on Sunday. This is one of my most difficult makes so far (precision sewing, hidden placket, cross over back and strange looking pattern pieces!). It’s not perfect and it is a pattern that I have to revisit. There is a lot of strain on those pockets and as a result I’ve ripped one of them and it’s in a very awkward place to get to in order to repair it. Next time I’ll use two fabrics that are of similar weight. You can read about it here.


The following Monday I dragged out the one and only cardigan I have made (thereby identifying a significant gap in my me-made wardrobe). It’s ok but not very practical. It catches on everything. I do like it but despite it being a neutral grey, it just doesn’t look right with most of my clothes! This cardigan also came out of the Fashion With Fabric sewing bee book – I like to get my money’s worth out of these things! I kind of wrote about it here.


On the Tuesday we decided to have a family meal out to the curry house. I wore the same cardigan as Tuesday but I also added my beloved leather skirt. The stitching is starting to go and the leather is stretching out a little but I will repair it. I love this skirt but I don’t think I could put myself through the process of making another one! It’s another Charlotte skirt from By Hand London. You can read about it here.  Paul is also in the photo because I forced him to wear he wore a shirt that I made for him. I totally forgot to blog this one on my own blog but I did enter it for a Monthly Stitch challenge. You can read about that one here.


And for the last day of May I wore a very simple raglan sleeve top which was a very early make of mine. I haven’t worn it since last May which may be a sign that I should get rid of it (I also said that last May!). It came from Simple Modern Sewing and was dead easy to make! You can read about it here.


So what have I learnt? I have found that I have now got plenty of clothes to wear a different item every day with no repeats so that was good. There are plenty of clothes that I didn’t wear at all that I would have it were cooler. I have also learnt that I need more cardigans as a matter of some urgency. I don’t have any cropped cardigans that go with my Trudy dress and my Super hero dress for example. All my cardies, including the RTW ones, look stupid with them. The other thing I have learnt is that, though I have plenty of clothes, I don’t necessarily have clothes that go together. Part of my pledge was to wear an ‘outfit’ (consisting of a minimum of 2 garments) once a week and I found this really difficult. I need to make more neutral basics. Probably starting with a decent pair of black or navy trousers.

So this year I have really enjoyed taking part. It was the first time that I used Instagram to record what I made every day which was a lot of fun. It has also given me a new direction to take my sewing in. I can be a bit of a flitter when it comes to sewing patterns, and I tend to make what I fancy making, rather than what I really need! Did you enjoy Me Made May this year?


3 thoughts on “The end of #MMMay17

  1. I loved Me Made May because of all the inspiration it brought and how much it made me think. That Pauline Alice shirt dress is my absolute favourite. I love the fabric you have chosen. X

    • Oh thank you! There are a lot of errors in that Cami dress and of course it has the dreaded gathered waist which I think we have discussed before! I probably should give it a break – I have received a lot of compliments on it! The fabric is cool though. A cheap reversible fabric from Lucky Fashions in Dewsbury!

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