Happy New Year! I can still say that can’t I? I like to take stock each year and think about the projects I’ve done. Just like last year I’ve produced an infographic! (It’s very similar to last year’s – I just switched a few bits around!).


Not a bad year but not quite as productive as 2016. Part of the reason is that I tackled a few meatier projects (a coat, jeans) and part is because I went 4 months without a properly functioning overlocker! Here are a few projects that did not get blogged about…

kimono Newlook 6217

I made the kimono above for my brother’s girlfriend’s significant birthday. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It was Newlook 6217


I actually made four of these raglan tee shirts. The pattern came from a really old copy of Love Sewing magazine and the fabric came from Girl Charlee. My overlocker was fixed by then so I managed to get them sewn up reasonably quickly.


Two washbags for two girls. The spotty one was for one of my daughter’s friends. Bethan wanted to sew it herself. She did the zip bit (which you can hardly see on the picture) on her own and it looks fab. The pattern didn’t exactly fit together very well though (another old Love Sewing pattern) and I had to do the final assembly. I was fighting with it all the way and then I had to do it all again with the other washbag. I won’t be making this one again but they look reasonable, despite the puckering!


A rucksack for my friend’s Christmas present. This is Simplicity 1388 and I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I actually started making this in July/August in time to be entered into Burniston Show but the show was cancelled due to apocalyptic rain which flooded the grounds. I was a bit cross so I put the project on a back burner for a few months and picked it up again in November. The fabric is made of the same fabric as my jeans were (I would link that post here but it seems to have disappeared into the ether – a few of my blog posts have randomly disappeared!) and the lining was all scrap fabric too. The point of us making each other gifts is to not spend much money on them. All I bought were the buckles, webbing and a zip for the inside pocket!

The other thing I made, for which there is no photo, are my granny pants that were made from an old t-shirt and some knicker elastic! They turned out brilliantly and I wear them a lot (under dresses anyway). They were the Maxine panty by Evie La Luve and they were a freebie but there’s lots of extra twiddly bits added so it seems they are no longer free. I’m hoping to make a few other bits and pieces from her as they were so quick, easy and professional looking. She does great YouTube tutorials too!

So that’s last year sewing wise. This year I’ve decided to try and get out there more! I’ve signed up to #sewmystyle2018 as I had FOMO last year!


I won’t be making the Rumana coat (already committed to a different coat) or the Marigold jumpsuit (really not my thing) but I’ll give everything else a good go. If I miss one I miss one! I’ve actually made January’s project already – it was my last project of 2017. That will be my next post!

I’ve also compiled my #2018makenine, another challenge that is new to me. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s make nine list so I wanted in! I’ve included some of the Sew My Style projects that I’m particularly looking forward to and added a few extras…


Starting from the top, left to right:

  1. The Luzerne trench coat from Deer and Doe. Nearly finished this one and I’m so excited about it. It’s looking ace!
  2. Liana stretch jeans by Itch to Stitch. These are the same jeans I made last year which was only ever supposed to be a wearable toile. I’ve got everything bar the zip ready and waiting.
  3. A dress from Burda Style magazine from 2010. I’ve never sewn a Burda magazine pattern before so I’m quite excited about it. The magazine came from a local charity shop and I’m going to tie it in with Saturday Night Stitch’s Burda Challenge 2018.
  4. Kalle Shirt + dress by Closet Case Patterns. A Sew My Style pattern. I’ve never made anything from Closet Case before so I’m particularly excited about this!
  5. The Arielle Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons. I only made one skirt last year and that was a dressy one so not very useful. I’m hopefully going to sew a few skirts for work this year. As I have no plans to make the Marigold jumpsuit for April’s Sew My Stlye, I’ll swap it for the Arielle.
  6. The Suki Kimono by Helen’s Closet. A Sew My Style pattern. I’m hoping this one will make good Christmas presents. Hopefully I shall be starting earlier on my present making than I did last year!
  7. The Lander Pants by True Bias. A Sew My Style pattern. These are totally me so I’m really excited about these.
  8. The Fringe blouse and dress by Chalk and Notch. A Sew My Style pattern. I’m not normally drawn to dresses but I really like the look of this one. Plus dresses are easy and fun to sew!
  9. The Axel Skirt by Megan Nielsen. A Sew My Style pattern. A comfy knit skirt perfect for work. There are three options with this one.

So there we go. I’ve no idea how I’ll get on but I’ve made a good start getting the trickiest one out of the way first! I’ll be back shortly showing you the Sunny top I’ve made for January’s Sew My Style. See you then!


3 thoughts on “2017/2018

  1. I love the infograghic! My fave picture of yours was the red Moneta with the beach huts in the background. I am so impressed you made the jeans! Gosh time flies – I remember at the beginning of last year chatting about it :-).
    Looking forward to following along your adventures in 2018. xxx

    • I blatantly pinched the infographic idea from you last year. It was quite fun going back through all the makes! Yes, 2018 should be great! Xxx

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