January Sew My Style – the Sunny dress / top

Hello! This is the official day (28th January) for sharing January’s Sew My Style challenge.


The first one is the Sunny dress or top by the Friday Pattern Company. This is a nice easy one to get everyone started on the schedule.

I bought this stretch velvet velour from Minerva crafts, originally intended for a Little Red Dress project that didn’t have time to happen. The dress I had in mind wouldn’t have worked anyway because the fabric is super stretchy, and the fabric is pink not red! The description said it was burgundy! However, in that lull between Christmas and new year I used it to whip up the Sunny top instead. I toyed with the idea of making the dress version but I knew that this fabric would be very unforgiving on every lump and bump I had.

Sunny 1

The pattern was very quick to assemble with not too many pages. I think for the first time in my sewing career I managed to assemble, cut out and make the whole thing in a day! I traced out a size medium for the shoulders and bust, graded out to a large at the waist and graded back in to a medium for the hips. The pattern is very curvy! This was the right decision I think. I made the top a little longer than the pattern. It could do with a few more cms though!

The fabric was a little shifty but I’ve handled worse and it turned out fine. I originally decided to sew in a neck binding but the fabric wasn’t liking that at all. The front looked ok but it had all gone horribly wrong when I went round the back. The fabric was squidging out of place and it looked awful. I unpicked the (overlocked) stitches and just folded over the neckline like the pattern actually suggested. This was absolutely fine!


I used my overlocker for everything except the hemming and this made it quick work. I used my walking foot for the hemming and I zigzagged. I would have liked to use my twin needle but I can’t stop the tunneling so I prefer the look of a zigzag. The hem at the bottom does look slightly wavy so I think the fabric stretched out a bit here, which is annoying. I can just about tuck the top in though.

I didn’t quite follow the instructions which say to set in the sleeves. I sewed them in flat. Soooo much quicker – not sure why you would set in the sleeves for a knit t-shirt!

Sunny 2

I may well make this again but not without some modifications. You can’t tell from the photos because my hair is in the way, but the shoulder seams stand proud at the neckline so I will shave a wedge off next time. The other thing I will do is make the sleeves more fitted. With a stretch fabric like this it looks so much better. I had difficulty getting a cardi or a jacket over the top as it kept catching the sleeves and bunching them up.

I will probably make the dress next, but not out of super stretchy lycra. Normal t-shirting will be best!

I will not be making the next patterns for Sew My Style. These are the Estelle Jacket from Style Arc and the Rumana Coat from By Hand London. I quite fancy the Rumana but that is going to be a huge investment in both time and cash so I’ll leave it for now. Anyway, I have a coat on the go and it’s sooo nearly finished. Hopefully I shall be sharing it with you soon! See you then!


3 thoughts on “January Sew My Style – the Sunny dress / top

  1. Sounds like the fabric was quite a challenge to work with! Probably a good decision to make a T-shirt rather than a dress and anyway, you’ll probably get more use out of it this way, won’t you?

    • The fabric was a bit of a beast so I’m glad I made the top version. I don’t have many ‘going out’ tops so this fills a wardrobe gap!

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