Deer & Doe Luzerne Trench Coat

For my birthday, back in October, my good friend Sacha bought me a fabulous pattern! It was the Deer and Doe Luzerne trench coat pattern. It is rated as an intermediate sew and it is a meaty sew! I was very excited to get started but at the end of 2017 I had other sewing commitments so I couldn’t get going until January.

I traced out the pattern on January the 1st and sewed my final stitch on January 31st! It literally took me one month to make this project.


This was a project that I could take my time with. It was easily broken up into smaller chunks and I sewed it slowly and (mostly) got it right. I really enjoyed this slow sewing.

The bit that took the longest was the tracing and the cutting out. There are so many pattern pieces! The fabric that I chose was a plain, medium weight cotton drill from Minerva Crafts in a chocolate brown. After a good look around other people’s blogs and Instagram feeds, I went with a fabric that I saw a couple of Luzernes made up in, so I had reasonable confidence that it would work for me! The perils of internet fabric shopping! This fabric comes in a lot of different colours, and I did ponder getting a brighter colour but I went for Brown because I know it suits me! Black is too heavy on me and I already have a navy blue coat so those colours were out!


Obligatory flashing pose to show off binding!

Now, I know that brown can be a little dull so I had to go for a funky binding, and lots of it! I found this leopard print bias binding in Boyes and I thought it was a perfect match for the brown. I ended up buying 11 metres of the stuff!


The trickiest part of the project is right at the start so you get it out of the way. The trickiest part is the welt button holes. I had a practice on a scrap of fabric and they turned out fine. Once the button holes were done I breathed a sigh of relief and carried on! The buttons I also received for my birthday and they go perfectly. They are hand painted and there are three different colours so I had difficulty deciding which colours were to go where. I’m still not sure I’m absolutely happy about the positioning of these so I may yet re-sew them (although I probably won’t).


I’m so pleased with this coat. I’ve worn it once but it isn’t warm enough to wear it just yet. This is definitely a spring coat. Also, I can’t wear it with a thick jumper underneath. The upper arms and shoulders are a little tight to wriggle in to. Once the coat is on however, it is fine! I do really like the shape it gives me. The coat makes me look like I have a waist! Also, look at the size of those pockets! I can fit my life in those. I think this coat will be worn a lot!


I’m off to see Sacha this weekend. I hope she likes what I’ve done with the pattern. I’ve also made her a little something for her birthday which will be what’s next on the blog! See you then 😀

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