The Mandy Boat Tee

Hello again! This will be just a quick post to show off the Mandy Boat Tee, from Tessuti Fabrics, which I made over a month ago now. It is a freebie pattern providing you download the PDF version. This was made for my good friend Sacha’s birthday. She is a similar size to me and so obviously I had to model it, before I handed it over to her, for blogging purposes. I’m sure you understand!

I bought the fabric from Girl Charlee at the Knitting and Stitching Show with Sacha in mind, as I thought these were her colours. I may also have bought slightly more than needed so I may produce a copy cat version as I really like it!

mandy boat

It’s an oversized t-shirt with fitted 3/4 sleeves (a little too fitted there in my opinion). This pattern is best made from drapey fabrics.


As you can see, it is just a huge square with sleeves attached. The t-shirt was a quick make on my overlocker (which I’ve broken – again!) and on my sewing machine. I’ve top-stitched the hem and the neckline with a zig-zag stitch because no matter what I do I cannot avoid tunneling with a twin needle. Any tips on sorting out my bobbin tension would be greatly appreciated!


I got a ‘mini studio’ for my birthday back in October. I now have a really bright light with a diffuser, a white back drop and various tripods to hold my phone, camera and backdrop. It almost makes me look professional! It does mean I can set up my ‘studio’ in the middle of winter and not worry too much about the lighting. I don’t think it’s a real substitute for being out and about though, which I’m looking forward to doing once this winter finally ends!


Sacha really liked her t-shirt. I hope she doesn’t mind it appearing on here! I should have got her to model it really but I’m not sure she’d go for that!

As an aside, I’ve been thinking about our little blog recently and which of our posts gets the most hits. If you have a blog I would love to know which of your posts has had the most traffic. Are they the ones that are linked on other websites? I’m asking this because my Deer and Doe Luzerne Trench Coat post hardly got viewed at all initially. After 3 days it only had a mere 15 views. Anyway, on day 4 I got a WordPress notification that said our statistics had gone through the roof. Somehow, my barely viewed post had made it onto Helen’s Closet Wednesday Weekly! How she found my miniscule corner of the internet I do not know!

I would love to know which is your most viewed posts and do you know the reason why? My most viewed post by far is my Simple Sew’s Palazzo trousers tutorial with literally thousands and thousands of hits. Every day this is at the top of my stats as most viewed. It is linked on the Simple Sew website but they don’t all come from there. I think this post now holds its own on Google, where most of the hits seem to come from.

I’d love it if you commented below because I’m really interested. I’m also quite interested in the fact that as blogs go, we’ve been around a while (four and half years). As followers go, we’re quite low compared to all these young whippersnappers who’ve only been around a few months and have got hundreds of followers – not bitter, just curious!

6 thoughts on “The Mandy Boat Tee

  1. Until last week my most viewed post was one about an 1840’s dress I completely hand sewed a couple years ago. I could understand the appeal of that post, because, gosh darn, I completely handsewed that entire dress! It was impressive! Then last week I made a pair of skinny jeans, and posted about them. Within a day that post had beat the handsewn dress post! I think the reason was twofold. First – the facebook groups I shared the post in. I’ve only recently joined these groups, my posts prior to this year didn’t get as much exposure. Second – people clicked in the post because the subject matter (sewing jeans) just seems impressive. It’s an everyday garment people don’t often make so people wanted to know how I did it, I think. In fact, looking at my other recent popular post, I think people are just more interested in pants sewing than dresses or shirts. This hypothesis could stand to reason since your most viewed post is also pant related, but I could also be completely off base.

    • Thanks so much for commenting. This is really interesting. Perhaps you’re right about the trousers/pants thing! People do struggle with them so perhaps they’re on the lookout for posts about them? What I’m not very good at is the whole ‘blowing your own trumpet’ thing and putting myself out there. I am a quiet member of some Facebook groups so perhaps I should be a little more proactive on them and put myself out there more?

  2. You are sweet, Corrine! I’m not sure how I found your ‘corner of the internet’, but I’m glad I did! Looking forward to seeing your future makes.

    • Thanks so much for finding me! It was such a surprise to be featured! I really love your Wednesday Weekly posts – lots of interesting things all in the same place! Thanks for taking the time to comment 😀

  3. My crochet poncho tutorial has by far the most views and comments, and is still getting the most hits a few years on! People like ‘How To’s’, I think, and all my tutorials are well-viewed.

    • Interesting. Funnily enough, although I get a lot of traffic on the Palazzo trousers tutorial post, I don’t get many comments or likes. It was the same with the trench coat. But I agree with you about the tutorial thing. They definitely seem to do better.

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