July Sew My Style – Lander pants

We shall just gloss over the fact that June’s Sew My Style, the Suki Kimono, is not yet on here shall we? My fabric took over three weeks to arrive and I missed the reveal day which I was cross about. I’m intending to make two of them for Christmas presents – organised I know! However, the urgency for that make has gone. There has been some progress though. The pdf is stuck together and cut out and the fabric for one of them has been cut out. This all took an age – some of those pattern pieces are massive! I have more important makes now, including a shirt for my husband’s birthday.

July’s Sew My Style also jumped ahead of the Sukis. The Lander pants by True Bias are totally my kind of thing. With this hot weather we’ve been having I decided to make the shorts version so I can take them on my holidays. It was also a good opportunity to test the fit of these trousers.

I love everything about these trousers/shorts. I love the giant patch pockets on the front, I love the button-up fly and I also love the wide-leggedness of those trousers. I definitely haven’t finished with this pattern yet.

I was quite excited to see that my waist and hip measurements matched the size 10 (US size) perfectly. This is quite unusual! I got the bright green twill fabric left over from my Arielle skirt to make my shorts. I could only just fit the pattern pieces on the remains of the fabric and I had to piece together the waistband but this wasn’t a problem.

Lander shorts 1

Excuse the fact that they’re wrinkled. As soon as I finished making them I put them on so this photo was taken at the end of the day! It’s a good view of those pockets and that button fly though!

Lander shorts 4

Lander shorts 2

They are very comfortable although they may not look it in the photos above! I will be making some adjustments for my next pair. There is a bit of gaping at those buttons so I’ll hopefully sort that out with a full gut adjustment.

Lander shorts 3

I also have a slight wedgie (although I couldn’t feel it!) so I’ll give myself a little more room in the next iteration.

I do like these shorts although they’re definitely a wearable toile. I really enjoyed sewing these up. A good meaty sew but yet not too difficult and reasonably quick, being shorts. I’m really looking forward to making the trouser version!


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