2018 in review

Happy New Year! Hello, I’m back! I thought I’d better tend to my poor neglected blog so I can start the new year afresh!

I like to start these posts with an infographic – it helps me to work out what I’m going to talk about. 2018 was a pretty good year sewing wise, although I did tail off towards the end of it.

I’ve made a fair bit of good stuff this year and not too many clangers! My favourite has to be my Luzerne Trench Coat by Deer and Doe. This took me the whole of January to complete but it wasn’t particularly difficult. It’s had a lot of wear, although it’s a bit chilly to wear it now!

My second favourite project was the Simple Sew Slouchy Gilet. Again, loads of wear and really comfy and cosy.

My third favourite was a tricky decision, but I’ve settled on the Juliette skirt by Ready to Sew. I never got round to blogging it on here but I did enter it in the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month so you can read about it here. I’ve surprised myself by how much I’ve worn it, especially as I really wasn’t sure about it when I finished it!

A few honorable mentions….

The Bibi skirt was a bit of a surprise. This came from the Tilly and the Buttons Stretch book. It sewed up in hardly anytime at all, doesn’t need ironing, and doesn’t show off the lumps and bumps like I was expecting it to! The shirt (from the GBSB book 2) was supposedly a toile for my husband’s birthday shirt. It didn’t fit him but it did fit me, so I finished it off nicely and I’ve worn it loads! Finally, at the end of the year I sewed up two Freya tops (unblogged) and I’ve pretty much worn them both constantly. These have also come from the Stretch book.

My least successful projects were probably my Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt and the Deer and Doe Myosotis dress.

Both of these were well made (even if I do say so myself!) but have hardly been worn for various reasons. The Arielle skirt is way too short, and now that I’ve finally achieved my target weight back in December, it is way too big for me too. The Myosotis dress is also too big and is a bit girly for me. I’ll keep it for now and see if I wear it in the summer but it’s off to the charity shop for the Arielle skirt.

Before the year began, to keep myself on the sewing straight-and-narrow I compiled my first ever Make Nine.

Going from left to right…

So six out of nine isn’t too bad (six and a half if you count the jeans) and I’m finalising my ideas for this year’s Make Nine. I’ll be focusing on patterns that I already own I know that. I also need to work on decreasing my stash! People have given me a lot of fabric this year (definitely not complaining at that), I’ve picked up some at fabric swaps and I’ve even been lucky enough to win some. My fabric doesn’t all fit in the cupboard – some of it is on the floor next to the stash cupboard! I’ve got enough to keep me busy in 2019! I hope you all have a happy and healthy one!

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