My husband’s bomber jacket

2019 has been a shocking year for my blogging hasn’t it? I’m not sure why but I’ve lost my way with it a little, so I’m trying to get back on track by blogging about my latest make – a bomber jacket for my husband’s birthday present.

Paul requested a ‘Letterman’ style jacket and after a bit of an internet trawl, we agreed on this. It’s McCall’s M7637, supposedly a unisex bomber jacket. I bought the pattern that included the smallest size range with the intention of making a medium. This turned out to be the correct size for him, but if you’re a petite female, expect to be drowned in material!


The first problem we had was to find a suitable fabric. We did struggle with this and I thought I found some at Finns Fashion Fabrics, Scarborough’s newest fabric shop, but there wasn’t enough on the bolt. I found a few more options at Fabworks during Sew Down Dewsbury back in July, which I promptly photographed and WhatsApp-ed my husband.

Bomber 9

I was very excited when he messaged me back choosing the second fabric option! I was expecting him to go for the plain. I bought 2.5m of the fabric along with 1.5m of a coordinating (and more expensive!) lining. Thanks Ali for your help with this!

When I got home, excited to show him my purchases, his face fell. The photos arrived on his phone in a completely different order to the order they were sent out from mine! He did want the plain fabric after all….

Bomber 1

I decided to forge ahead thinking that once he saw just how amazing his new jacket was, he would jump at the chance to wear it. Erm….no. He’s given it to our daughter.

Bomber 3

You can see how happy she is to be wearing it. Although, to be fair, it’s been worn by her about three times so far. So already she has worn it 3 times longer than anything else I have ever made for her, ever. So not a complete sewing fail then?

Bomber 4

She loves having her photo taken! One of the conditions of getting a brand-new jacket I’m afraid!

Bomber 5

Bomber 6

Bomber 7

I suppose I’ll treat it as a practice run then. The jacket was straightforward enough to make although I’m not happy about the zip. It’s a nylon open-ended zip so I had to cut it to size with scissors and sew a zip stop at the top which doesn’t look great. That’s the only thing that bothers me. On my next one, because apparently this one doesn’t count, I’ll try and find a metal zip so it can be shortened properly using pliers!

Bomber 8

Back to the drawing board it is then. If anyone sees any appropriate fabric in boring black or navy, please give me a shout!

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