Happy new year! Unlike last year I’ve decided to come up with a ‘make nine’ list to keep me on the straight and narrow for 2020. Although I didn’t complete them all, my #makenine for 2018 was reasonably successful and I wish I’d done one for 2019 but nevermind! You can read my review of my #makenine 2018 here.

If you don’t know what #makenine is all about, the idea is that you come up with nine projects that you want to make during the year….and make them! You are only accountable to yourself and if you change your mind then that’s fine too.

Here’s my finalised list, although it may change as the year progresses!

1 = Pants sloper – Bluprint/Craftsy class I bought this class a couple of years ago now, and although I’ve watched every lesson, I’ve never made up a trouser sloper. I always wanted to lose half a stone before I committed the time and energy to make one. Now I’ve been at my target weight for one year, that excuse has gone! I would like to do this before I start on any trousers in an attempt to nail the fit.

2 = The Jordan jacket by Serendipity Studio I was given this in a #stitchingsanta present along with the fabric. This has actually been all cut out and ready to go since February. I’ve also got the topstitching thread and the buttons. Ran out of excuses there…

3 = Simplicity 4975 boy’s shirt This shirt is for a ‘husky’ boy. Could someone please tell me what a husky boy is because I have no idea! I keep trying to make my son a shirt and I think I may finally have a pattern that will fit him. Please ignore the awful pattern photos for this. I’m going for the plain shirt. No cowboy dressing up shirt for my boy!

4 = Lander pants by True Bias This is the second time I’ve featured this pattern on a make nine list. The last time I made a wearable toile (the shorts version), and to be fair, they’ve had a lot of wear. I want to make a trouser suit out of some suiting fabric a colleague very kindly gave me and I think this pattern will look good as part of that.

5 = A jacket or blazer. The other part of the suit as mentioned above. Not sure on the pattern yet but I may go for a tricky fitted one like the Jasika blazer from Closet Case Patterns or I may go for an easier, slouchy one like the Victoria Blazer from By Hand London (the long version).

6 = The Ultimate Trousers by Sew Over It I’ve had this pattern for about three and a half years now and I have no idea why I haven’t made it yet. I want to do my pants sloper first though.

7 = A fitted coat. At the moment the McCall’s M6800 has caught my eye but I may change my mind. I like the idea of a fitted coat and I need to up my coat-making game.

8 = Patterns from my sewing books, not just this Gertie one. I actually made my first pattern from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual on New Year’s day but it’s quite possibly the most boring thing I’ve ever made so don’t expect a blog post on it! It’s a plain black knit pencil skirt. I bet I wear it a lot though. I have at least four other pattern books that I’ve never used before (plus another I got for Christmas) so I would like to make something from some of them.

9 = Bodice sloper – Bluprint/Craftsy class I’ve had this class longer than the pants sloper one. Would like to do this before I tackle the tricky blazer or coat.

Hopefully this is a do-able list although there are some time-consuming ones in there. I’ll just have to see how it goes!