Birthday presents for the Sister-in-law!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. It’s been a while because I have been waiting for my husband to write this blog post for months. I’ve given up hope so I’m writing it instead…

At the end of June (June!) it was my sister-in-law’s significant birthday. Paul decided to do a ‘Paul special’ and make her birthday present. I also made her something but I’ll show you that later.

Paul made his sister a folding wine stand following this tutorial  on  Woodworking for mere mortals. The video is quite entertaining actually! Anyway here is the stand…

Wine rack

It’s very cleverly designed and holds two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Perfect for taking camping.

Wine rack 2

I’m afraid I can’t tell you many details about it because I didn’t make it! I think it’s made of oak. Wine rack 3

As you can see it has a great big metal spike that sticks into the ground. Then there is a wooden wedge that, when assembled, supports the wine bottle.  It’s a little clearer in the picture below.

Wine rack 5

Paul had to make some adjustments to the pattern. In the original the holes for the wine glasses were the same size as the hole for the bottle. All of our glasses would fall straight through and they’re not exactly small! It was an easy fix though.

Wine rack 4

The rack folds up neatly when not in use and can be carried with the handle. The handle is also useful to hang it when stored.

So that’s the wine stand. I also made her the Archer shirt from Grainline Studios. She knew this one was coming because I made her try on my version (here) for size. Luckily it fitted her perfectly. This meant that I didn’t have to retrace the pattern pieces! Yay! However, I did trace out the front because before this I had only made up the popover version and I wanted to do the button up version for her. I did originally make it with the long sleeves that come with the pattern but I got so confused with sewing them. The wrong side of the fabric is exactly the same as the right side and I ended up sewing two left arms with the plackets back to front! It was a total mess. However, it was June and who needs a long sleeved shirt in June? I just lopped the sleeves off and they look fine. I’ve only got the one photo I’m afraid. My sister in law wasn’t too keen on the idea of modelling it for the blog!

Archer shirt

Apart from the sleeve debacle (and a minor accident with an overlocker knife) I was pleased with how this turned out. The pattern matching took a while – I’m determined to make a plain Archer one of these days! The cutting out takes the longest time!

The fabric was a lovely cotton with a slightly brushed feel that I got from Fabworks but I can’t find it on their website now. I finished the hem and the sleeve hems with bias binding which gives it a lovely finish. The whole thing was finished with one of my labels which I hardly ever remember to add!

Anyway, the recipient was very pleased with her presents and we were very pleased with our efforts!



Kitchen Knife

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Copper Pipe Table

Another catch up post from a project a while ago.  There are quite a few websites with ‘easy’ construction woodworking projects that I tend to browse a lot but never make anything.  One of these is Designs by Studio C (as I write this the website is down and this link doesn’t work but they are promising it will be back up soon).  However, when I saw this project I really liked the look of it and fancied making it.


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Arcade Machine

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Wonder Boy!

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Minifig Display Stand

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