Stuff I should have blogged about

I’ve been a very bad blogger recently and I apologise. I think I was all blogged out after the sewing and blogging frenzy that was the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern month back in June. I haven’t stopped making stuff though so I thought I’d do a catch-all post now and get back to normal shortly.

I think I’ll work backwards, starting with clothes… Continue reading


Being a bridesmaid!

Hello again!  Apologies if you thought you were inadvertently following a woodworking blog with the recent posts – my husband has been very busy in his Manshed (and my garden shed – it is very squished).  I can assure you that I’ve been very busy sewing it’s just that until now I’ve been unable to blog about any of it! Continue reading

Birthday gifts

It was my very good friend Sacha’s birthday over the weekend and, as it was a significant one, I decided that the present should have some extra thought put into it. This is a quilted bottle carrier made from an old curtain (the other curtain went into making a laundry basket). The checks were a great choice as it turned out because it allowed me to quilt quite accurately. I used my walking foot for my first ever proper attempt at quilting. Continue reading