Simple Sews top (or playing with my new overlocker!)

For my birthday I got a shiny new overlocker and it’s only really been this weekend that I’ve managed to have a proper play with it.  I really wanted to make something that only required the overlocker and not the sewing machine. Enter Simple Sews jersey top that came free with issue 17 of Love Sewing magazine. Continue reading

The Yorkshire Coast 10K VNA top

This is a top that I completed a few weeks ago now but I have saved blogging it as I wanted to take photos of it in situ! I have made Fehrtrade’s VNA top that came with the most recent pattern bundle from Sew Independent.  I made this especially for taking part in the Yorkshire Coast 10K race in Scarborough. Continue reading

My Made Up make(s)

I’m sure that most of you know about the Made-Up initiative by now (and if you don’t you should click on the link). I thought it was a good enough cause to donate to and make a pledge. My family have been nagging asking me for a while to make something they can attach their swimming and gymnastics badges to.  I agreed quite readily because I thought it would be quick to do.  Even so, it kept going to the back of the sewing queue because I prefer making clothes! For myself! When this initiative came along I knew straight away what I had to pledge. I’ve just checked out my pledge on Just Giving to see if I have any loop holes that allows me to say I’ve successfully completed my pledge but it turns out I was quite specific! Continue reading

Pauline Alice’s Cami dress for our two-year blogiversary!

Applebymakes is 2 years old this month!  Hasn’t it gone quick?  The Monthly Stitch is also celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary and I thought that this dress fits into their ‘2’ theme.  The dress in question is the Pauline Alice Cami dress and I was seduced into buying it by lots of lovely versions of it in blog land! Continue reading

A dress for a fiver

I’m sorry, this is another post about dresses. I don’t know about you but I’m finding it very difficult keeping up to date with all the sewing posts appearing in my feed at the moment and I’m about two days behind. Apologies if I haven’t liked or commented on your posts – I’ll get caught up soon!

One of the reasons I’m a little behind is because I made myself another dress. This was not a planned make, but sometimes unplanned makes are the most fun! Continue reading

The end of MMM15 and a new frock

Success! I’m so happy I completed Me Made May. I’m also quite pleased that it’s over and done with! I’ve enjoyed wearing my own clothes but the weather has been so awful & cold I’ve not always been able to wear the most appropriate items. My challenge was to wear everything I’ve made at some point so my summer makes did end up with lots of layers over the top, which defeated the object somehow. Continue reading

Me Made May Week 4

Here is the last full week of Me Made Mayness. I’ve also used up all of my me-made clothes and accessories (apart from wooly hats and scarves).


A work day and everyone was shocked at the discovery that I have legs. This is the wrap dress that I made just before Christmas from the second GBSB book (here). It’s OK but this was my first foray into knit fabrics. I did not know about stabilising necklines Continue reading

Me Made May Week 3

Me Made May still going on – here’s week 1 and here’s week 2.  And here’s this week’s round-up (apologies for the awful photos – I really should take them outside!):


A pair of easy trousers from Simple Modern Sewing. The fabric is a remnant from Abakhan’s in Manchester and I think it is a linen blend because it does tend to crease very easily.  The trousers have an elasticated waist, so a long top was needed to cover that up, but otherwise very comfy and great for work. Continue reading