Me Made May 2017 week 2

Last week I promised myself that I was going to incorporate more dresses into my days and I just about managed it. I don’t know why but I always feel overdressed when I wear a dress so I usually stick to separates. Sometimes it’s good to come out of your comfort zone.

I started off with my Moneta dress which I made for last year’s Little Red Dress Project. I’m not 100% convinced about it – that gathered waistline makes me feel enormous! But it is comfortable. You can read about it here. Continue reading

Geeky dress and tunic

This weekend a friend from uni and myself spent a very geeky time at Sci-fi Scarborough. We’ve been to it every year since the convention started 2 years ago (this is its third run). I’m not really the sort of person who goes to these things as a rule as I have absolutely no idea what most of it is about. The convention is about computer gaming, watching bad films and reading comics from what I can work out. I don’t do any of those things as any spare time Continue reading