Simple Sew Pussy Bow Blouse

Hello everyone! I’m back again with another Simple Sew make. This time I’d thought I’d try something different with the Pussy Bow Blouse (and dress!). I originally got this pattern as a freebie pattern from Love Sewing Magazine but if you missed out it’s now available on the Simple Sew website. Continue reading

The Yorkshire Spoolette top

With the Yorkshire Spoolette meet-up imminent I knew I had to make a new garment especially for the occasion! Any excuse eh? Well, actually I had a pretty good excuse because Ali, the organiser, gave me this lovely fabric for my #stitchingsanta gift. It was gifted to her by Amanda who was also attending the meet up! I thought it would be fun to make something from the fabric that had belonged in other people’s stash! Continue reading

Christmas gifts and my #stitchingsanta

You may (or may not) have noticed that I went quiet for a little while on my blog during October and November. This was because I was sewing some Christmas and birthday gifts and felt I wasn’t really in a position to share them all. The gifts have been received now so I can write about them…

First up…. I made some Christmas stockings for my friend and her family. Continue reading

Simple Sews Sequin Sophia

I must confess that I completed this top some time ago but I’ve been having a right going-on trying to get half decent photos. ¬†However, today it was sunny and warm (It’s December!!!) so I took the opportunity to get some location shots. Here I am on the Spa footbridge in Scarborough overlooking South Bay.


It still doesn’t show the top particularly well. This is one example of clothing that looks better in artificial light it turns out. Continue reading

Simple Sews top (or playing with my new overlocker!)

For my birthday I got a shiny new overlocker and it’s only really been this weekend that I’ve managed to have a proper play with it. ¬†I really wanted to make something that only required the overlocker and not the sewing machine. Enter Simple Sews jersey top that came free with issue 17 of Love Sewing magazine. Continue reading

A dress for a fiver

I’m sorry, this is another post about dresses. I don’t know about you but I’m finding it very difficult keeping up to date with all the sewing posts appearing in my feed at the moment and I’m about two days behind. Apologies if I haven’t liked or commented on your posts – I’ll get caught up soon!

One of the reasons I’m a little behind is because I made myself another dress. This was not a planned make, but sometimes unplanned makes are the most fun! Continue reading