Me Made May 2018

Is it May already? Time for Me Made May 2018. I actually love this challenge but my family hate it! All those photos I make them take! However, since last year I have been given a tripod with a phone mount, and I have a phone that takes pictures when I say ‘cheese’! No family involvement necessary (although I’ll probably still make them do it). This is my fourth year of completing this challenge and here is my pledge: Continue reading

Me Made May 2017 Week 3

Things are starting to get tricky now but I’m just about managing to keep up with Me Made May. On Monday I wore my Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch (read about it here). I love this skirt but it’s definitely more suited to winter than spring. Sorry about the rubbish selfie but that’s what Me Made May is all about isn’t it? Continue reading

Me Made May 2017 week 2

Last week I promised myself that I was going to incorporate more dresses into my days and I just about managed it. I don’t know why but I always feel overdressed when I wear a dress so I usually stick to separates. Sometimes it’s good to come out of your comfort zone.

I started off with my Moneta dress which I made for last year’s Little Red Dress Project. I’m not 100% convinced about it – that gathered waistline makes me feel enormous! But it is comfortable. You can read about it here. Continue reading

Christmas gifts and my #stitchingsanta

You may (or may not) have noticed that I went quiet for a little while on my blog during October and November. This was because I was sewing some Christmas and birthday gifts and felt I wasn’t really in a position to share them all. The gifts have been received now so I can write about them…

First up…. I made some Christmas stockings for my friend and her family. Continue reading

Me-Made-May Week 2

I’m still managing a different item each day although it’s getting harder.  After getting a good telling off from my brother about the quality of my photos I’ve tried to improve them – not very successfully, particularly with the indoor shots. Sorry about that.  Obviously it’s not been me taking them though! Here’s how I’ve done this week: Continue reading

In a twist

OK, I know I said that I had a couple of tops to show you but I made a dress and it pushed its way to the front of the blogging queue!

Here is my “In a twist dress” by So Sew Easy.

I used the fabric that I bought at the Spoolette meet up at Dewsbury. It’s quite a thick jersey fabric (I’m sure it’s got a proper name like ponte but I’m not 100% certain as it didn’t have a label!) Continue reading

Army skirt

I really shouldn’t have made this skirt –  at least not yet anyway! I’ve got two other WIPs on the go and I really should be focusing on them. One unfinished project is a quilt wallhanging type thing and the other UFO is sewing 6 dining chair covers, but they’re soooo boring to do that I got a bit distracted! This pattern is the brand new Safari Skirt pattern that has only just been released by so sew easy.  I had to sign up to Craftsy to download my pattern which is a potentially dangerous and expensive thing to do! So many things to spend money on! Continue reading