Bass Guitar

Once again it has been years since I have written anything on here and Corrine has taken it over with all her sewing posts. So I thought I better balance things up with my latest make – mostly because I am very pleased with it.

I need to start by saying that I am not a musician. I often wish that I am but I haven’t played any instrument apart from the recorder and a bit of guitar in primary school (34 years ago!). However, since our daughter started playing electric guitar and bass I have been a bit jealous and thought the best way I could get into it was by making my own. I started off down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos of Crimson Guitars which are brilliant to watch but I realised that making my own guitar from scratch was a bit optimistic. However, there are kits available where some of the tricky parts are done for you.

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Birthday presents for the Sister-in-law!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. It’s been a while because I have been waiting for my husband to write this blog post for months. I’ve given up hope so I’m writing it instead…

At the end of June (June!) it was my sister-in-law’s significant birthday. Paul decided to do a ‘Paul special’ and make her birthday present. I also made her something but I’ll show you that later. Continue reading

Copper Pipe Table

Another catch up post from a project a while ago.  There are quite a few websites with ‘easy’ construction woodworking projects that I tend to browse a lot but never make anything.  One of these is Designs by Studio C (as I write this the website is down and this link doesn’t work but they are promising it will be back up soon).  However, when I saw this project I really liked the look of it and fancied making it.


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