#yorkshire spoolette Delphine skirt

After our Yorkshire spoolette meet up back in February we were given the challenge of making a garment with some of the fabric we bought. Four weeks were given for completing the challenge – which I just about met! I put it on Facebook as proof! No one said anything about when we had to blog about the challenge though! So eight and a half weeks after the meet up here is my blog post!

All the fabric was bought with no particular plan so I asked for help on the sort of patterns I should use. Beth from After Dark Sewing suggested sewing the Delphine skirt from the gold corduroy I bought. The Delphine skirt is found here:

tilly book

As I came back from the meetup with £25 unspent from my budget burning a hole in my pocket, I bought this book and the coco top pattern. I was always reluctant to get this book as I felt that I didn’t need yet another book teaching me how to sew. However, as the Delphine is a shape I like Continue reading

The Yorkshire Spoolette top

With the Yorkshire Spoolette meet-up imminent I knew I had to make a new garment especially for the occasion! Any excuse eh? Well, actually I had a pretty good excuse because Ali, the organiser, gave me this lovely fabric for my #stitchingsanta gift. It was gifted to her by Amanda who was also attending the meet up! I thought it would be fun to make something from the fabric that had belonged in other people’s stash! Continue reading

#yorkshirespoolettes second meet up

Yesterday was the day I have been eagerly awaiting for some time – the #yorkshirespoolettes meet up! This is the second meetup and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first one as well. You can read about it here. Last time I bought the fabric with a plan and none of the fabric I bought then remains in my stash! I wonder how long this little lot will stay in my stash for! Continue reading