The end of MMM15 and a new frock

Success! I’m so happy I completed Me Made May. I’m also quite pleased that it’s over and done with! I’ve enjoyed wearing my own clothes but the weather has been so awful & cold I’ve not always been able to wear the most appropriate items. My challenge was to wear everything I’ve made at some point so my summer makes did end up with lots of layers over the top, which defeated the object somehow. Continue reading

Charlotte in Amsterdam (and Kim in Scarborough)

Last weekend a friend and I went on a cheeky mini break to Amsterdam.  Cheeky because it fitted into a normal weekend for me and I didn’t need to go in the school holidays.  I don’t work Mondays so I have a slightly longer weekend than most people!  As part of my preparations I had to make something, for no other reason than to take photos of it in Amsterdam for this blog! The stupid thing is it was too cold so I hardly took any photos of my skirt as it was covered with my warm coat!


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