Simple Sew Hayley Ballet Top


I hope you are keeping safe and healthy in these bizarre circumstances. Hopefully this post will provide you with some light relief, and a little distraction, if you are stuck indoors.

I’m here to show you my latest make, the Hayley Ballet Top. This has been on my list for things to make for some time and it feels good to finally get this done. The Hayley Ballet Top is a versatile pattern that can be made from a few different fabrics, including knits or wovens.

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Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee round 3 – activewear

Well that was a massive surprise! I was absolutely convinced that round 2 would be as far as I could get. I really was not expecting to see my name on the list of people getting through to round 3, but here I am – well, was. I won’t draw it out but I’m not through to round 4. I’m 100% ok with that. It was getting hard work! I am still delighted with how far I’ve come though so I’ll tell you all about my round 3 project…

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Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee round 2 – the Jordan jacket by Serendipity Studios

This is my entry to the second round of the Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee contest and, although the results won’t be published for a few days, I can safely say that this is where I get off! I’ll not be going any further with this project. That may sound a little defeatest but it’s not. In fact, compared with the other 46 or so entries, it would be a travesty if I went through at the expense of someone else! I shall try to explain…

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Pattern Review Sewing Bee round 1

Last week (late at night on Tuesday 28th January to be precise) I made a last minute and spontaneous decision to join Pattern Review‘s Sewing Bee contest. For years I’ve been lurking around that website watching the entries come in from previous contests and I was always in awe of the garments that were produced in such a short space of time.

The challenge for round one was to sew a t-shirt inspired by childhood. If it was any other garment then I wouldn’t have entered, but I know it’s quick and easy sewing a t-shirt, so after a brainstorming session with my husband about what to come up with, I decided to go for it.

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Simple Sew Olive Blouse

I’ve been very naughty and I’ve been putting off writing this blog post because this make has been a disaster and turned into a bit of a weight around my neck. This blouse (you can get the Olive blouse here) started off really promisingly. It had all the makings of a nicely fitted blouse/shirt. However, I really managed to make a pig’s ear of it and it had me seriously questioning my sewing skills. Continue reading

Sewing hits and misses of 2019

I like to look back at the year and reflect on how productive I’ve been. You’d never believe it by reading my blog, but I have been reasonably productive in my sewing! I thought I’d put together a quick list on my best and worst projects of 2019. There is a vague chronological order to these although I’ve had to go by memory as I’ve barely blogged about any of these projects and I can’t remember when I completed them!

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