I love reading about your review posts so here’s mine. And in a blatant copycat of Hila at Saturday Night Stitch I have created an infographic!


Perhaps not as polished as Hila’s and I’ve certainly not been as productive but I think I’ve done pretty well! I’ve certainly felt productive – well, in the first half of the year at any rate! Putting this together I was very surprised to see that I sew more stuff from sewing books than either paper or PDF patterns. I have recently acquired four more sewing books and I’m looking forward to using them in 2017. I also find it interesting that all the Instagram likes are for dresses which I don’t wear that often (I’m getting better though)! My personal favourite is my leather skirt refashion though. And I’ve reached for this almost every time I’ve gone out. I just love it and it’s wipe clean only! Which means it is always in my wardrobe.

I set myself some sewing targets for the year. Let’s see how I got on (and don’t get your hopes up)!

Make some proper trousers! I’ve made trousers with an elasticated waist, and now leggings, but not proper trousers. Yep I did make these palazzo pants although they were so easy I’m not sure they really count!

After I’ve made trousers, I would like to progress to jeans. This may be towards the end of the year! Hmmm. Why do I never learn that the end of the year is bedlam and not the time to be making complicated projects? This resolution will carry forward to next year. I have made some slight progress though. I now have a pattern (two actually) and some suitable fabric for making a toile. I will give these a go near the start of the year.

Participate more in the Monthly Stitch challenges. I really like the idea of them and I would like to be more proactive. Oooh yes I think I can tick this one off. I would still like to do some more though.

Like many other bloggers I would like to make inroads in reducing my stash. I will still buy fabric (Dewsbury here I come!) but I really need to start using what I’ve got before it starts taking over my entire house! HA HA HA HA HA! Whatever…

Knit something! But I have to finish my socks first. I’m going to try something a little bigger, like a jumper or cardigan. I’ve knitted a meerkat but I’ve not finished sewing it up. Baby steps… (and no, I really can’t bring myself to finish those socks and I can’t even explain why).

Not brilliant but it could be worse. You should see how my non-sewing resolutions have gone though!

Anyway, targets for this year? Definitely those jeans but I’m not going to specify targets this year. I’m going to sew and make what I feel like and enjoy the process! I could do with a couple of posh tops though so that may be a good place to start.

Here’s to 2017!

#StitchingSanta Reveal 2016

I have been involved in the sewing (and knitting) world’s answer to Secret Santa since it was a thing three years ago. Each year it goes from strength to strength. It’s time to blog about the lovely items I got in my #StitchingSanta parcel 2016!

My lovely gifter was Sally from the Yorkshire Sewist who put together a lovely package for me. I was lucky to get three separate presents which meant I could spread out the opening throughout Christmas day. We’re not the type of family who rips presents open first thing in the morning. We like to torture our children and open presents slowly one at a time throughout the whole day. So my Stitching Santa presents was the first and the last ones to be opened on the day! Here’s what was in the first parcel…


Some small pieces of fabric. Perfect for making all sorts of bits and bobs (which I do a lot of!) but I must say I could do with more of that green to make a garment! How gorgeous is that fabric?


More lovely fabric and a little bit more to play with. This would make a lovely skirt or top.


Some really pretty cotton lawn fabric. This would make a lovely floaty summer dress.

That’s not all. I also got some sewing bits…


A GBSB sew your own basket. I may make this for my daughter to use. I’ve not decided yet but it looks like a fun and quick project.


Some pins and threads – always useful!

Still that’s not all!


A ‘new to me’ magazine. There’s a fair few projects in here including some potential #stichingsanta presents for 2017!


The raglan dress/top pattern from the Avid Seamstress. This is new to me and I’m very excited to be getting this.


New to me pattern company How to Do Fashion. This pattern is NO.8 SVANEKE. This looks perfect for work. The tops and skirt combined look like a dress. I’m looking forward to trying this!

And finally…


A great wardrobe builder. I’m particularly liking those trousers!

Thank you so much Sally for my fantastic prezzies. You must have done some very clever budgeting to get this little lot for the £10 maximum spend. A fantastically put together parcel – I feel very lucky. And also thanks again to Sheila from Sewchet for organising the swap for the second year running. I really appreciate it!

I’ll be back in the next day or two to write about the obligatory review of 2016 post! See you then!

If you would like to read about previous year’s Stitching Santas you can do so here:




Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having good ones. I decided it would be fun to take part in the #littlereddressproject hosted by runningnstyle as it was a short but sweet project that wasn’t too much of a commitment.

Back in June I won a couple of patterns from Colette Patterns for my leather skirt that I entered for the Monthly Stitch Indie pattern month. For my prize I chose the Moneta and the Laurel. Continue reading


So, apparently I don’t blog often enough. Which must be true because I have got a few projects that I’ve completed but never blogged about. Here’s the first one in an attempt to catch up.

At last year’s Harrogate woodworking show I bought some oak planks. I’ve used a little bit but I wanted to have a go at shaping a simple chopping board. Here it is:

I drew a simple template on paper, folding the paper in half to make sure it was symmetrical, marked the shape onto the wood, drilled the hole in the handle and then cut it out with a jigsaw.

Unfortunately, because I didn’t really have the correct blade in my jigsaw I got some bad scorching around the tight corners. I sanded a lot of it away but you can still see some. For this photo I propped it up using a bowl of thread trimmings, just so there is at least some evidence of sewing in this post.

I then decided to have a play with my pyrography kit by putting a picture in one corner. I printed it out in reverse on our laser printer and then used some heat from the pyrography pen to transfer it to the wood. Then I just traced over the design with a fine tip.

Finally, I gave the whole thing a coat of food safe mineral oil.

I must blog more often.  I must blog more often. I must …

Stuff I should have blogged about

I’ve been a very bad blogger recently and I apologise. I think I was all blogged out after the sewing and blogging frenzy that was the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern month back in June. I haven’t stopped making stuff though so I thought I’d do a catch-all post now and get back to normal shortly.

I think I’ll work backwards, starting with clothes… Continue reading